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2010 Celebrity Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Trends


Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Carrie Underwood and Megan Fox got engaged in 2010 with gorgeous diamond engagement rings. Trends include vintage engagement rings, colored center stones and pave diamond settings. In 2011, expect engagement rings with floral motifs and classic styles inspired by the television show “Mad Men.”

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2010 has had lots of celebrity engagement news and gorgeous diamond engagement rings to go along with it.

From vintage to classic, jewelry experts Michael O’Connor and Alison Rowe give us the rundown on current celebrity engagement trends and what to expect in 2011.

VINTAGE/VINTAGE INSPIRED: Megan Fox, Miranda Lambert and Christina Applegate wear vintage or vintage inspired platinum engagement rings with fine filigree or engraving work.

“Vintage rings have a sweet and elegant style – they reflect utmost sophistication, but without pretention,” Rowe says. “You can also incorporate heirloom pieces into your ring’s design to make that milestone purchase as smart as it is sentimental.”

Colored Stone Engagement Ring

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COLORED CENTER STONE: Carrie Underwood wears a yellow diamond engagement ring and Penelope Cruz chose a blue sapphire. Since platinum is a naturally white metal, it maximizes the brilliance of colored gemstones.

“Whether it’s black, yellow or blue, colored engagement rings set in platinum are becoming increasingly popular since they are non-traditional and very eye-catching,” says O’Connor. “In fact, Prince William is reportedly expected to present Kate Middleton with his mother’s platinum, 18-karat blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring.”

Micro Pave Engagement Ring

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PAVE/MICRO PAVE: Nicole Richie, Kristen Bell and Zoe Saldana added smaller diamonds around their center diamond, maximizing the brilliance of their platinum engagement rings.

“Pave diamonds are smaller more economical stones that closely fit together to give your ring a ‘big diamond’ look,” Rowe explains.

DIAMOND ETERNITY BANDS: When it came time to select wedding bands, celebs like Emily Blunt, Megan Fox and Carrie Underwood all chose platinum and diamond eternity bands.

“Platinum’s strength makes it the most secure setting for diamonds in all sizes,” Rowe says. “It is the preferred metal for a ring like your wedding band that you’ll wear every day.”

In 2011, look for engagement rings with floral motifs, colored gemstones and classic styles inspired by the television show “Mad Men.”

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