‘90210’ Girls Play Toilet Paper Bridal Shower Game

On tonight’s episode of “90210,” Adrianna has her bridal shower, and all the girls get dressed up in toilet paper wedding gowns. Toilet paper bride is a clever shower game that Eva Longoria also played at the her bridal shower.

If you’re looking for a clever bridal shower game, one of our favorites is toilet paper bride. In this game, shower guests use toilet paper to design wedding dresses. One girl on each team wears the toilet paper gown. At the end, the bride votes for the best wedding dress.

On tonight’s episode of “90210,” Adrianna has her bridal shower. Not only do the girls play toilet paper bride, they take it one step further and hold a fashion show and walk down the runway in their gowns.

See which other TV actress played toilet paper bride at her real life bridal shower and who the winning celebrity was.

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