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Adrienne Bailon’s Wedding Workout



Adrienne Bailon lost 22 pounds leading up to her Paris wedding to Israel Houghton.

The 4 ft 9 inch “The Real” co-host worked with trainer Massy Arias for two months and saw incredible results.

“She works out with me three to four times a week then she does homework that I give her at home so five days a week total,” the trainer explained to E! News. “90 minutes total per day. 30 minutes of cardio on her own in the morning and then one hour with me. That hour was maximized because our training would be divided into circuits and there was no resting time or breaks in between.”

Bailon combined Arias’s fitness plan with a healthy diet to get the most out of her hard work.

“She would ypically drink two plant-based protein drinks a day—one right when she woke up and one for dinner, before she goes to bed. In between, she’d eat a normal breakfast and lunch. She loves Poke salads as well as eggs and avocado toast. She’d also eat yogurt and cashews for a pre-workout snack. No alcohol and no diary allowed. They lost the weight] by eating the right food, eating the right amount of food, and just making sure we were hitting our goals every time.”

Adrienne’s dedication paid off and she looked stunning in her Walter Mendez wedding gown.


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