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Advertise on Celebrity Bride Guide is the leading source of celebrity wedding information online, helping brides-to-be, wedding vendors, wedding enthusiasts and pop culture lovers discover famous ways to tie the knot.

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We reach over 200,000 unique visitors and generate over 1,500,000 pageviews per month. An average visit lasts 3:20 minutes and includes 8 pages per visit. From 2009 to 2010, total unique visitors grew over 67%, while total pageviews grew 42%. By helping consumers discover famous ways to tie the knot, the site has attracted a well-educated, diverse, predominantly female, 22-39, above average HHI demographic:

  • 66% female
  • 79% have college degree or higher. 32% have graduate or professional degree.
  • 59% have an annual household income over 60K+. 34% earn 100K+.
  • 88% are ages 22-39. 62% of readers are 22-29.
  • Our readers are 2x to 3x more likely to visit sites about bridal, fashion, jewelry and luxury goods than the average Internet user. (Quantcast)
  • 71% of CBG readers are brides-to-be, family of the bride or in the bridal party.
  • 86% of CBG readers are online daily. 97% of CBG readers are online several times a week.
  • 59% of CBG readers go online daily to plan their weddings, 6% higher than average. 86% plan online several times a week.
  • 75% of CBG readers would purchase products online that were the same or similar to what a celebrity used in their wedding.

Source: Schlesinger Associates for Tail Light Media, January and June 2010 except where noted.

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