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How to get a celebrity style engagement ring without breaking the bank. Plus the best ways to hint which ring style and setting you want.

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Love is in the air this time of year, with data to prove it. According to the Knot, 40% of engagements take place between November and February, and December is the most popular proposal month of all. Incessant canoodling will erupt between just-engaged couples showing off new bling, and quietly, in the background, the $11 billion engagement and wedding jewelry market will rejoice.

Celebrities from Jessica Simpson to Reese Witherspoon have played a huge role as influencers and trend setters in the engagement ring world. However, when it comes to selecting your design (40 percent of women do), their 5, 6, 10 through to Kim Kardashian-carat stones may not be realistic. Don’t despair, diamond lovers. I spoke to Sylvie Levine of Sylvie Collection about how to get the look for less; plus much more!.

CBG: We at Celebrity Bride Guide love using celebs as inspiration for everything weddings! How can someone score a celebrity-style engagement ring without breaking the bank?

Sylvie Levine: You can personalize your favorite celebrity ring within your budget—I do it all the time for my clients! If you’re inspired by Kate Middleton’s sapphire or Jessica Simpson’s ruby, choose a colored gemstone as your center. Colored gemstones are great alternatives to diamonds because of their lower price point. Another great secret is adding a halo (or two) of pave diamonds surrounding the center to make the ring pop.

Sylvie Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Sylvie Collection

CBG: You’ve produced some great designs similar to those worn by Jessica Simpson, Reese Witherspoon, LeAnn Rimes and Kate Middleton. What do the rings say about the celebs’ respective personalities?

SL: Jessica Simpson chose a ruby, the color of love and romance. Her ring says she’s a passionate girl who follows her heart. For Reese Witherspoon, an emerald cut is both understated and classic – it is one of the cleanest cuts. LeAnn Rimes’ oval engagement ring is definitely a statement piece. It commands attention. Lastly, we have Duchess Catherine’s incredible sapphire. This ring is very sentimental and a family heirloom (the European royals have a long tradition of using colored gemstones for engagement rings) and shows how much Prince William loves and honors her.

CBG: As with bridal gowns, do you think it helps to know the style of engagement ring you want first?

SL: The style of your diamond engagement ring should begin with the center stone. The diamond itself is the focal point of the ring and the setting should enhance its shape, vibrancy and luster. When I talk with brides, I find out the shape or cut of diamond they are interested in. Then, I inquire about the length of their fingers – or shape of their hands – and personal style to help them find a mounting that will look great and fit into their budget. I also try to take their occupation into account. For example, I have met some brides who are medical professionals who wear rubber gloves on a daily basis, so we made sure to create a setting that wouldn’t catch on the gloves.

Sylvie Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Sylvie Collection

CBG: What’s the best way to “hint” to your fiancé which ring style you want? You don’t want to take the all fun away from him, right? …

SL: I have 3 letters for you—B.F.F. Most guys know they need help and who better than their girl’s best friend? So if you think your guy is getting ready to pop the question, make sure you let your best friend know what you’re looking for, especially shape-wise, so she or he can guide them in the right direction. Whether it’s dropping hints or giving them a picture of your dream ring, more brides are participating in the process to make sure they get the ring of their dreams. My 3 letters were: M.O.M. I had no idea what I wanted so was happy that she and my husband picked out a timeless princess cut ring.

For more, be sure to check out Sylvie’s new blog, Sylvie Says.

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