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America Ferrera Talks About ‘Family Wedding’

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america-ferrera-278x400 (1)

America Ferrera is having fun playing a bride in “Family Wedding.” The actress will wear a wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier and is researching the role by reading bridal magazines.

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On hiatus from “Ugly Betty,” America Ferrera is having a blast playing a bride-to-be in the new movie “Family Wedding.”

“It’s really fun because I can be excited about it but not have to be embarrassed about it personally,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “It’s all research and work so I’m flipping through endless amounts of bridal magazines and talking about the wedding gown, but there’s no pressure of it actually being my wedding.”

Ferrera, who has dated writer/director Ryan Piers Williams for several years, says she will be wearing a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress for the role.

“I love Monique,” she says. “She really knows how to make a woman feel beautiful. We still haven’t finalized a sketch, so it’s in preparation.”

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