Ann Curry Almost Cuts Off Her Wedding Ring Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro


While hiking Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro in November to raise environmental awareness, the “Today Show” anchor almost cut off her wedding ring because her fingers had swelled so much.

Ann Curry recently talked with New York Magazine about her struggle hiking Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro in November, in an attempt to raise environmental awareness.

The “Today Show” anchor says at one point her fingers swelled so much she considered cutting off her wedding ring. “I thought about cutting off my ring,” she says. “I have this little thin travel wedding ring that I wear whenever I go into these tough places, and my fingers swelled up so much that I actually was starting to ask whether I could cut it off my finger. I didn’t want to go blue and have worse problems.” Curry says she and her producers made the decision to stop 3,000 feet short of the top because of altitude sickness and weather. She says she’s still wearing her wedding ring and looking back may have been overly dramatic.

Anne is married to software executive Brian Ross.

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