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Anna Faris Planning a Low-Key Wedding


Anna Faris is planning a low key wedding with Chris Pratt. The actress says she wants to keep it simple and make sure there is no drama on her wedding day. She hopes to have Margaritas, lots of alcohol and warm weather.

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Anna Faris, who is engaged to Chris Pratt, says she wants a laid back wedding.

“I get to play and get my hair and make-up done in my professional life, so I don’t really know if I want that fuss for my wedding,” she tells “I want simple.”

The actress, who got engaged in December, says that wedding plans are coming along slowly. “We’re thinking something really sort of low key for sure,” she says. “Something that involves a lot of Margaritas, maybe.”

Most important to Faris, is that everything stays calm and relaxed on her big day.

“A lot of alcohol and no drama,” she jokes. “No fuss, that’s the most important thing. Warm would be great.”

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