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Anne Hathaway Shares Positive Outlook on Marriage

Despite a fairly recent breakup, Anne Hathaway shares a surprisingly positive outlook on marriage, including admitting she’d still love to get married one day, as well as her feelings about relationships in general.

Anne HathawayDespite going through a rough break up earlier this year with convicted businessman Raffaello Follieri, Anne Hathaway says she would like to get married one day. The actress tells Access Hollywood, “Sometimes I find myself somewhere and I’m just like, ‘Oh, it’d be really fun to get married here.’ I really don’t know what that says about me. I try not to anticipate things before they happen — especially things that I would like very much to have happen.” 

The actress, who stars in the upcoming “Bride Wars” with Kate Hudson, had plenty of time while filming to try on wedding dresses and fantasize about her wedding day. However, after her relationship ended, Anne says she questioned whether a wedding was in her future.

“Of course, like everyone, I’m kind of going through a moment where I’m like, ‘Do I even believe in marriage? What’s going on?’ You know, as you do when you’re fresh from a break up.”

But the actress, who is now dating again, explains “I do think eventually someday — if I met the right person — I would get married.” Anne says she gives credits to her parents for setting a great example. “My parents, they’ve been married for 28 years, so I know it’s possible. I don’t have rose colored glasses looking at them. I’ve seen them struggle, I’ve seen them triumph, I’ve seen them be bored with each other.”

As for the key to a great relationship, the actress says, “Someone said to me recently that the key to a great relationship, not necessarily a great marriage, but a great relationship is to not have your point of identity in the other person. You have to know who you are, live for yourself and if you so believe, your point of identity with God, with your life and then delight in the other person, accept the other person. But [don’t] live for the other person.”

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