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A ‘Biggest Loser’ Wedding in the Works


“The Biggest Loser” contestant Damien Gurganious is planning a June wedding with Nicole Brewer. He plans to weigh a svelte 180 pounds for the big day.

Damien Gurganious may have been voted off “The Biggest Loser” this week but it hasn’t gotten his spirits down.

The industrial designer from Brooklyn, NY who has lost 85 pounds so far, plans to weigh a svelte 180 pounds for his June wedding to fellow contestant Nicole Brewer.

“That is how I will be getting married. There will be no more ‘Big & Tall’ ordering suits for me,” he said after the show. “With a size 60 waist you got three options: powder blue, big top red, or some kind of turquoise plaid. I was like ‘hmm, I think I’ll wait.’ Now I can actually get an Italian designer suit that actually looks good.”

Gurganious says all of “The Biggest Loser: Couples” contestants will be invited to the wedding and they will sit together.

“We’re gonna have a giant round table cut like a pie chart with blue, pink, brown, [and they’ll all be] sitting at this one table,” he said. “It’ll be The Biggest Loser wedding party!”

To get ready for the big day, Damien and Nicole continue working out  90 minutes every morning and evening. Their goal is to be the at-home winners of the $100,000 prize, which they hope will pay for a honeymoon.

“The wedding is already paid for,” Damien tells Entertainment Tonight. “The honeymoon is going to be the magic part, because right now we are working out every single day. I want to take the longest honeymoon in history. It is five months of working out every single day. We are going to need a vacation where we can forget achy bones, tired muscles and frustration. We are starting our family right after.”

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