Book Review: ‘Celebrity Bride’

“Celebrity Bride” is the story of a Hollywood bad boy who tries to marry a civilian. Find out what happens when the bride-to-be wants a small intimate wedding, and the groom’s staff plans a million dollar wedding only a celebrity could have.

Celebrity Bride by Alison Kervin

“Celebrity Bride” by Alison Kervin

If you are obsessed with celebrity weddings like we are, check out the fun new summer beach read “Celebrity Bride” by Alison Kervin.

In the book, Hollywood bad boy Rufus George is finally getting married to Kelly Monsoon. A media frenzy has ensued because the bride-to-be is a civilian and not a celebrity.

Although Kelly always dreamed of a small simple wedding, Rufus’s manager tries to plan a million dollar Hollywood wedding with a reception at Buckingham Palace.

Kelly is caught in the middle, not knowing where she belongs. Find out if she makes it down the aisle in “Celebrity Bride.”

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