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‘Breaking Dawn’ Trailer Features Wedding Scene

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s wedding is featured in the full length trailer for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.” The couple exchange traditional vows in a forest under an archway of flowers.

The full-length trailer for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” was released yesterday with an extended look at Bella and Edward’s stunning wedding.

Bella is seen clutching her father’s arm as she gets ready to walk down a rose petal aisle in the middle of the forest.

“Don’t let me fall,” she warns him.

Wearing a long sleeved wedding dress by Carolina Herrera and a diamond and sapphire hair clip, she recites traditional vows with Edward under a floral archway.

Later in the two-minute preview they are shown enjoying their honeymoon on Island Esme.

“Breaking Dawn” opens in theatres on November 18. See photos of the wedding scene.

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