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Brian Worley of YourBASH! Productions tell us about coordinating the polo event that Prince William and Kate Middleton will attend.

Brian Worley of YourBASH! Productions is the event planner extraordinaire who is coordinating the Foundation Polo Challenge event Prince William and Kate Middleton will be attending in Santa Barbara this weekend. In his latest blog, Brian tells us about the process of being chosen to plan a royal event and inside details on the luncheon and polo match.

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Jaime (my business partner) and I received a call from someone Jaime grew up riding horses with and they asked if we would be able to take a meeting about an upcoming event that would require us to sign a confidentiality agreement. Confidentiality agreements are common in regard to events, so we of course said yes, and really thought nothing of it. We took the meeting at Ambassador Holden’s office and were given a little information about the event. The Santa Barbara Polo Fields would be celebrating their 100th Anniversary and they wanted to throw a party to celebrate the milestone. The event sounded exciting, then there was a little more information provided about expectations, etc… and then the meeting was over.

We were not really sure who the guest of honor was, but we did know it was someone very high profile and left the meeting thinking that a polo match would be a fun and very different type event for our event production company to produce. As the weeks unfolded, we were asked to attend another meeting. This time it was with a gentleman who was coming from London and was in charge of all things polo for Prince William and Prince Harry. This is when things started to get exciting, but we were not 100% sure of the details, and of course the confidentiality agreement was still in effect. We met again and things went well, but we were not sure how it would all unfold.

Then Prince William got engaged and there was speculation when the wedding would take place and if the polo event would still happen. Once the date of the Royal Wedding was confirmed, would Kate travel with him? Slowly everything started to fall into place, firm up and a polo match was to be held! Needless to say, we were excited to be a part of the event!

With any event, there is a lot of preparation. Of course when your honored guests are royalty, there is an entirely new level of preparation that goes into the production. We just dove in and started to plan. Jaime and I kept saying, this is a HUGE event, this is going to be so much fun, WOW! We are really doing this. It was starting to sink in and we just kept moving along. The worst part was that we could not express how excited we were or even talk about the event because it was not public knowledge yet!

The preparations with the various sponsors then started to take place. There were meetings with everyone from security, catering, rentals, florist, etc. Once things started to take place, it really was just like any other event we had produced in the past. Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis started working with Alligator Pear to create an amazing menu for the event. There were meetings with various departments from the Palace and over 2 billion people watched Prince William and Kate marry and become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Then news of their arrival to the United States became public and tickets started to sell for the event. Now we are only a few days away.

Tiffany & Co. is the title sponsor, so the VIP lunch will be a combination of Tiffany blue linens and white linens with white flowers. It will be held in a tent with tied back sheer white drapes and giant sheer white drape chandeliers. Custom created Royal Salute bars will serve guests their beverages, stunning Audi cars will be on display for guests to take a peak at, and Jack Wills, who created the jerseys for the three polo teams, will sell various clothing items to commemorate the once in a lifetime event.

The intention of the event was to make sure that no matter what ticket you purchased, the money will go to the American Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry Charity. Every guest at the event will receive the VIP treatment. The VIP guests will enjoy a three course meal created from family recipes of Giada’s and the Club side will also enjoy a box lunch that was inspired by Giada.

After lunch, the exciting polo match will take place and guests will get to enjoy watching His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge play polo. The winning team will be presented with a Tiffany & Co. trophy designed and created especially for this event.

Honestly, the Santa Barbara Polo Club is one of the most stunning places for an event, so what better place than to spend the day! It really has been an awesome experience for Jaime and I and we are so thrilled that we were chosen to help execute yet another extraordinary BASH!

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