The Latest Bridesmaid Dress Trends


A look at the latest celebrity bridesmaid dress trends. From vintage to similar styles in the same color palette, see the latest trends.


The new Judd Apatow comedy “Bridesmaids” opens this Friday and having seen a sneak peek of the movie, we have to say it is downright hilarious. Even though the movie is over the top, the storyline has several bridesmaid challenges that all girls can relate to. If you’ve ever been in a wedding, or plan to be in one some day, the stresses that come from picking out bridesmaid dresses, agreeing on the price, and trying to please everyone will most likely come in to play. If you’re still deciding what will work best for a bridal party, here is some inspiration from the latest celebrity looks:

1. SAME COLOR, DIFFERENT DRESS:  Attendants often want a say in picking their dress so that they can find a style that flatters their individual body types. Allow them to pick a dress in a color of your choice and your mission is accomplished. When Tori Spelling was a bridesmaid in her friend Amy Colvin’s wedding, each girl wore different J. Crew dresses in the same color, caspian blue. Another option is the twobirds bridesmaid dress which Alyssa Milano used at her wedding. The same color gown can be tied 15 different ways, creating endless options for your girls.

Tori Spelling a Bridesmaid

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2. SAME COLOR PALETTERachel Bilson worked with Brian Reyes to design bridesmaid dresses for her best friend Jill Stonerock’s wedding. Though each silk georgette gown was slightly different, they were all from the same soft green color palette and tied into the rustic setting perfectly. The best part about this idea is that it looks great whether the dresses are exactly the same, or slightly different.

Rachel Bilson Bridesmaid

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3. VINTAGE – When Christina Hendricks married Geoffrey Arend in New York, her maids wore vintage dresses that reflected their individual personalities. The dresses all tied into a red, purple, and green color palette and combined both prints and solids. With great thrift store and flea market finds, vintage dresses can be a real money saver.

Christina Hendricks Wedding

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