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Brooke Burke Contemplates Marriage with David Charvet

Wedding bells may be ringing for Brooke Burke who has been happily engaged to David Charvet for four years. The TV host says she feels like now is the time and their love is deep.

Brooke Burke and David Charvet

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Brooke Burke has been happily engaged to David Charvet for four years, and although he calls her his wife, the couple haven’t considered making it official until recently.

“David and I have been talking marriage lately,” she writes on her blog. “We have totally rekindled a new flame in our relationship since Africa, but it’s not just that. We are just at that place, where love is deep and meaningful, and we are feeling very settled.”

Burke and Charvet are raising four children, and she says they have created a home and a family together.

“I suggest anyone contemplating marriage to ask himself or herself the question…. Do you feel like you are where you belong?”

With her daughter telling her she wanted her to “be a Charvet too Mommy,” Burke says she got to thinking and knows she is in the right place.

“Brooke Burke Charvet, oooh that’s weird,” she says. “You never know.”

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