Bruce Springsteen Poses at New Jersey Couple’s Engagement Shoot


Bruce Springsteen posed in New Jersey couple Ed Dwyer and Jennifer Smith’s engagement photos. After a chance encounter by the beach, photographer Kella MacPhee captured The Boss and the soon to be married couple as they played guitar together on a park bench.

Courtesy of Kella MacPhee

New Jersey couple Ed Dwyer and Jen Smith got the surprise of their life during their recent engagement photo shoot at famous surf spot Manasquan Inlet. While heading down to the beach to catch the sunset with photographer Kella MacPhee, the group stumbled on to Bruce Springsteen who was hanging out with friends.

“He was sitting with two buddies on the last bench enjoying the sunset,” MacPhee tells Celebrity Bride Guide. “We all just sort of stopped and looked at him. We could not believe it. It was him, just hanging out at the beach!”

Springsteen ended up posing for a few pictures and serenading the couple with an impromptu song about getting married.

“Although the moment was only that — a moment, lasting maybe five minutes — it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us and a true account of what can happen at the Jersey Shore!” MacPhee says. “Bruce walked off into the sunset — he might be the coolest dude ever!”

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