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January’s Flower of the Month: Carnation


January’s flower is the carnation. Carnations are budget-friendly and easy to work with. When grouped together, they can resemble peonies. For DIY flowers, consider carnations which are always in season and last a long time.

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January’s flower of the month is the carnation.

Carnation flowers are often associated with weddings and love. They are worn on special occasions all over the world and symbolize affection, fascination and distinction. The carnation’s natural color is pink. Over time, however, the flower has been cultivated into shades of red, purple, green and yellow.

If you are looking for budget-friendly flowers for your wedding, consider carnation wedding bouquets. The flowers are available year round, last a long time, are full bodied, and when grouped together resemble peonies. The best part about carnations is that they are easy to work with. If you want to DIY your bouquet, carnations may give you great results.

Carnations have a long standing presence in celebrity weddings. Angelina Jolie carried a bouquet of carnations and roses when she married Billy Bob Thornton. And when Mickey Rooney and Ava Gardner tied the knot, Rooney wore a carnation on his lapel.

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