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Carolina Herrera Designs ‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding Dress


Carolina Herrera has designed Bella Swan’s wedding dress for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.” The film is set for release on November 18, 2011.

When Bella Swan walks down the aisle in “Twilight: Breaking Dawn,” the wedding dress fans have been waiting to see is one that was designed by Carolina Herrera.

No images of the gown have been revealed, but news of the designer was confirmed via the Twitter account of producers Summit Entertainment.

“It is always a great pleasure to design any wedding gown, but this one was particularly special,” Herrera tells Us “Kristen is a stunning girl and her character, Bella, will make a beautiful bride.”

Set for release on November 18, the wedding scene features Bella walking down a petal covered aisle in the middle of a forest as Edward waits under an archway of flowers.


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