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Carrie Underwood Wants a Traditional Wedding Dress


Carrie Underwood will wear a traditional wedding dress when she marries Mike Fisher. The singer is collecting pictures from bridal magazines for inspiration and says she wants to add flowers to the dress.

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Carrie Underwood has only been engaged for three weeks, but like most girls she is already thinking about what kind of wedding dress she wants.

“I want it pretty traditional,” the singer told reporters at the People’s Choice Awards on Januar 7. “And it’s weird, but I think I want to add flowers on it. I don’t know yet. I see things in my head. I’m cutting out pictures.”

Underwood says she is using bridal magazines for inspiration and is trying to keep all of her ideas organized.

“I started tearing out pictures and stuff,” she says. “I got a folder and put pictures in and stuff. It’s like in a binder thingy and I really don’t know yet.”

One thing she does know for sure is that her dog Ace will be in the wedding.

“I plan for him to be the little ring-bearer – having him walk down the aisle all dressed up in a tuxedo — I’m serious — that will be a Kodak moment.”

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  • This lady deserves everything in this world. So, if she wants a traditional kind of wedding then give it to her, A wedding only happens once in a lifetime.

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