‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Wedding Dress Sale


On Sunday night’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice,” contestants were asked to open bridal shops and sell wedding dresses. Melissa Rivers invited renowned wedding planner Preston Bailey to decorate the Athena team’s shop. The wedding dresses were provided by RK Bridal in New York.


Sunday night’s “Celebrity Apprentice” was all about weddings as the two teams opened bridal stores and tried to sell 125 wedding dresses.

The episode began at St. Bartholomew’s Church where Donald Trump explained the challenge to the contestants.

Jesse James came up with the idea of a red carpet theme for the Kuto team’s bridal shop.

Melissa Rivers called in wedding planning guru, Preston Bailey, who decorated Athena’s shop with floral arrangements.

In the end, Athena won the challenge selling 22 wedding dresses for $103,000 while Kuto sold 21 for $63,000.

The wedding dresses on the show were provided by RK Bridal in New York. See more photos of Khloe Kardashian and Tom Green in wedding dresses on Khloe’s official site.

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