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Chelsea Clinton Still Wedding Dress Shopping


Chelsea Clinton is still looking for a wedding dress for her summer nuptials to Marc Mezvinsky. Clinton’s mother Hillary told CNN’s Candy Crowley that her daughter doesn’t have a dress yet and neither does she.

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Chelsea Clinton is still looking for the perfect wedding dress for her expected summer nuptials to Marc Mezvinsky.

“If you don’t tell anybody, Candy, we’re still looking,” Clinton’s mother Hillary joked during a CNN interview with Candy Crowley on Sunday. “I don’t have a dress yet, and Chelsea doesn’t either. We’re working on it.”

Clinton said she is enjoying being a mother of the bride and is happy to wear the moniker MOTB.

“It’s a new status for me being an MOTB but I am very proud to have that status.”

Clinton and Mezvinsky got engaged in late November. They have not announced a wedding date.

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