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‘Criminal Minds’ Star Kirsten Vangsness Planning Spring Wedding


‘Criminal Minds’ star Kirsten Vangsness will marry her girlfriend Melanie Goldstein this spring. The wedding will take place in Texas where Goldstein’s parents have a home.

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Kirsten Vangsness, best known for her role as Penelope Garcia on “Criminal Minds,” will wed her girlfriend Melanie Goldstein this spring.

According to People.com, Vangsness got engaged in November but kept the news under wraps until recently. “We’re going to get married in Texas because her parents have this great place there,” she says. “Since it’s not official anywhere until things change – which I have total confidence that they will – we’re going to do it there just to completely thumb our nose at the government.”

“I never thought I would want to do it,” she adds. “Then when you meet the person, you’re like, ‘I want to marry you. I don’t care if there’s a law against it!'”

As for what the wedding will be like, Vangsness says, “We don’t know who we’re inviting yet, but I’m making my dance playlist right now. We’re a little backwards!”

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  • Hi Kirsten, I’ve followed criminal minds for ages and you are my favourite on the series…I am already married and this woud be like a schoolboy crush i have on you. The same is to Paulley Perette and Cote De Pablo in NCIS…I want to get a autographed picture of you but i will wait . I want this picture in my office and framed but i will have to wait until i can purchase one in ebay or the like….I am in one way very happy you have found the right person you want to spend the rest of your life with but there again i am sad that your fiance beat me to it…lol. Being Gay, i know i woud never have any chance as i am male. I know i am only dreaming here but my wife says there is no harm in looking. You are a lovely woman and i adore forensics of any kind. … May you and your future partner have a great life together….Regards Hal Nathan ( an huge Australian Fan of Yours )

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