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Ellen DeGeneres: Why We Kept Our Wedding Small


Ellen DeGeneres was on KIISFM on Wednesday, telling listeners that her friend Ryan Seacrest helped make the decision to keep her wedding to Portia de Rossi, “lovely and small.”

Ellen and Portia, who married in front of 19 guests at their Beverly Hills home, had originally planned to have Justin Timberlake and George Michael perform on their big day. “It just got bigger and bigger. It was going to be gigantic,” Ellen said.

Ryan soon talked her out of it, saying, “‘Are you sure you’re going to be comfortable with elephants on your grass?’ I truly believe people get carried away with the volume of the wedding that they don’t enjoy the purpose of the wedding.”

DeGeneres soon realized, “It started from the wrong place. We called and disinvited everyone. They totally understood.”

In the end, Ellen and Portia had Joshua Radin perform at their intimate ceremony saying, “He was fantastic and was so thrilled and honored.”

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