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‘American Idol’ Gina Glocksen’s Favorite Wedding Moments


Gina Glocksen talks about some of the highlights from her New Year’s Eve wedding to Joe Ruzicka. The former “American Idol” contestant had Jordin Sparks and Haley Scarnato serve as bridesmaids and Jordin performed a song at the wedding. Gina also surprised her groom at the altar with a studded ring.

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Gina Glocksen, who married Joe Ruzicka on New Year’s Eve, has so many favorite moments from her wedding, she doesn’t know where to start.

“First and foremost it was Jordin [Sparks] and Haley [Scarnato] just being bridesmaids and having Jordin sing,” she tells the Los Angeles Times. “It was very, very, very fun. It was like the dream wedding. I wish that I could’ve had more people there, but it’s really hard to ask performers to come and spend time with me on my day on New Year’s Eve when they could be making tons of money.”

The “American Idol” Season Six contestant says she had one surprise for her fiance which topped everything.

“Joe’s ring, he picked out a ring a while ago and I knew he didn’t like it, but was just kind of settling for it,” she explains. “So I got him a very extravagant ring, one that I knew he wanted, and it’s a very rocker ring. It’s got studs on it and everything. I surprised him with it at the altar and that was a big moment.”

Glocksen, who lived with her beau prior to tying the knot, says marriage has made their relationship even better.

“All my friends, my married friends kept telling me that it doesn’t change since we’d been living together for four years anyway, but it’s actually so much more romantic. I love it.”

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See photos from Gina and Joe’s wedding.

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