‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Wedding Spoiler

meredith-wedding-dress (1)
meredith-wedding-dress (1)

Photos from a “Grey’s Anatomy” wedding. See the wedding hairstyles and groom’s attire from the church wedding.


Who will be getting married on “Grey’s Anatomy” this season? Creator Shonda Rhimes has said there will be a “surprise wedding” in the 100th episode,  and the internet is abuzz over who the bride and groom will be.

A wedding scene was filmed today, and we have all the details from the set.

Here is what we can tell you:

•  The wedding shot today takes place in a church.

•  It is a candlelit ceremony performed by a minister.

•  Meredith, Izzie and Cristina were on set.

•  It won’t be Mark and Lexie who say “I do.”

•  Shonda Rhimes twittered that the 100th episode was filmed on March 25th.

Check out our “Grey’s Anatomy” wedding photo gallery and find out who we think is getting married.

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  • I think Meredith and Derek get married in the 100th episode. That is why Patrick Dempsey is wearing a ring. But what was shot today wasn’t the 100th episode. Grey’s producers are very clever. If it was really Alex and Izzie getting married, I don’t think they would let Justin Chambers walk around in a tux like that. It’s too obvious.

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