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Hilary Duff Shares Favorite Wedding Moments


Hilary Duff says the best part of her Montecito wedding to Mike Comrie was saying their vows. Although she was nervous and teary eyed, the actress says it was an intense moment but amazing.

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Hilary Duff married Mike Comrie on August 14, 2010 at La Quinta Estate in Montecito, California. The actress recently sat down with “Access Hollywood” to share some of her favorite wedding moments.

“The best moment was definitely standing there and saying our vows,” Hilary says. “It was so special — I was shaking. I wasn’t like, nervous, thinking I was doing the wrong thing, I was just nervous. The whole situation is scary and so intense. But it was amazing. It sounds so cheeseball, but we got to look into each others eyes.”

As they stood at the altar, Hilary says it was tough to keep her composure and not cry.

“We kept it together, but we both had pretty watery eyes,” she says. “I’m looking and [Mike’s] best friend is in perfect eye sight of me and he is crying and I’m like, ‘Hey, buddy! Knock it off! You’re gonna help me lose it!'”

After the evening ceremony, the couple shared their first dance to the Ben E. King classic “Stand by Me.” Although they had taken dance lessons prior to the wedding, the dance didn’t go quite as planned.

“My dress is so tight that once we’re making our way onto the floor and I’m like, ‘Hey — change of plans,” Hilary explains. “We’re just gonna sway back and forth like middle school days. No dancing.’ And he’s like, ‘You made me practice for four hours! I’m doing the dance! We’re having this full-on bickering fight before we go on and we’re just smiling, and I’m like, ‘Don’t turn me around!'”

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