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‘Survivor: Thailand’ star Tanya Vance married Joseph Luczaj in Maui on July 4, 2010. The couple eloped in a private beach ceremony with only their officiant in attendance. Tanya wore a wedding dress by Alfred Angelo.

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Celebrities like Kellie Pickler, Orlando Bloom and Penelope Cruz all eloped last year in beach weddings on secluded islands. When wedding planning becomes stressful and expensive, a “wedding-moon,” like “Survivor: Thailand” star Tanya Vance chose, can ease nerves and make the experience more relaxed and enjoyable.

“We are both in our 30’s and felt eloping was the most affordable way to get married without burdening friends and family with all of the stress a wedding can cause,” Tanya tells us of her recent Maui wedding to Joseph Luczaj. “It made our marriage-planning free of stress and was an amazing honeymoon spot.”

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What goes into wedding planning when you decide to elope?

We were very laid back about our venue and actually went to Hawaii early to find the prettiest spot to choose as our location. We shopped around websites and visited the floral shops to find the best vendors. We met the most amazing florists to do our flowers (Kaanapali Romance) and we got our cake at a local bakery. On the day of the wedding, Joseph actually built the cabana we got married under from bamboo he borrowed from the florist’s shop. It seemed easier for us to elope and we have no regrets, except we should have taken some wedding pictures the day before the event to get more variety!

How did you choose the spot where you were married?

We chose it because it was a beautiful landmark and Black Rock is the site where ancient Hawaiians believed that their spirits “jumped off” or left this world. It was a neat story and a beautiful spot to join as one. It also was an accessible private beach location.

What was the highlight of the day?

One of the most memorable moments was trying to climb the cliffs in a wedding gown. I had to bring my wedding shoes, along with Nike tennis shoes for climbing the cliffs. The shots were breathtaking, but there was a lot of behind the scenes stress involved. I was constantly having to hold my dress up as I climbed in my Nike’s, so I wouldn’t fall off the cliffs. Also, after the ceremony we lit sky lanterns and sent them away in the sky, however Joseph’s got blown and almost set our photographer’s clothes on fire. We all laughed, but it was scary for a minute! During the ceremony, I accidentally put the ring on Joseph’s right hand, instead of his left and we laughed for awhile about that.

How did your family feel about your elopement?

They knew in advance and were happy that we celebrated our wedding the way we wanted.

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