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‘I Love You, Man’ Wedding Dress


‘I Love You, Man’ features a colorful wedding scene in which Rashida Jones and Paul Rudd tie the knot. Find out who designed the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses worn in the movie.

‘I Love You, Man’ opens today and is a fun date movie that will definitely make you laugh. The highlight of the film for us was the colorful wedding scene and great dresses.

If you loved these wedding dresses as much as we did, here is where you can get them:

•  The bride, played by Rashida Jones, wears a J.Crew Rebecca Dress with a fitted bodice and ruching at the center. (Although J. Crew is sold out of the dress right now, it is available at Once Wed for $150.)

•  The bridesmaids, played by Jamie Presley and Sarah Burns, wear canary yellow dresses by Nanette Lepore. A similar style Nanette Lepore dress is available at Bluefly for $140.

In the film, Peter Klavens (Paul Rudd) goes on a series of man-dates in hopes of finding a best man for his wedding. He hits it off with Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) and the two become BFF’s. However, as Peter and Syndey get close, the further he drifts from his fiance, Zooey (Rashida Jones). In the end, Peter must find a way to stay true to his bride to be.

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  • We just saw “I Love You, Man” and I love Zooey’s wedding dress! So nice to see that something so pretty both for the bride and bridesmaid is so affordable ($140-$150) at J Crew and Nanette Lepore. Thank you for posting this! My question is — Do you know the name of the resort Zooey and Peter got married at? I got “El A– ” on Sydney’s iPhone when he was on the Vespa heading from Malibu to Santa Barbara to make the wedding but I didn’t get the resort’s full name. In the movie, it looks like a Spanish style boutique hotel on the ocean. We’ve been looking for something like it. Thanks!!

  • The wedding scene was filmed at a private villa in Santa Barbara and the reception was filmed at Paramount Studios. If you are looking for an oceanfront Spanish stye resort in Santa Barbara there is Bacara or Hotel Oceana. You might also consider Canary Hotel or Inn of the Spanish Garden which are not oceanfront but are close by. We also love the Ojai Valley Ranch in Ojai. If you are open to looking at venues further south there is La Estancia or La Valencia in La Jolla. Good luck!

  • I absolutely love Zooey’s engagement ring in the movie I Love You Man! I have searched everywhere and cant seem to find it or take a really good look at it. If anyone has any info on it it would really help me out a lot!!

  • Do you know where I can find the suit Adam Samberg wore in the wedding scene? HIs black on black striped suit/tux would be perfect for my wedding, but I an’t find it anywhere! Thanks

  • The canapy the wedding was held under, could you share more of the design with me or who could provide it? It was absolutely beautiful!

  • The canopy during the ceromony in the movie is a great interest of mine as well. I can’t seem to find anything close to it. Any help with the design would be much appreciated.

  • Hi! I love the canopy the wedding was under. Could you tell me who could provide a canopy just like that? I’ve been looking for something like that for my wedding. Thnx!

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