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Inspired By: Jessica Simpson’s Wedding


Trista Sutter and Jessica Simpson’s weddings were the inspiration for Katie Oleske and Kris Minogue’s New Jersey wedding. From the dress, to the hairstyle, to the cake, the bride copied all of Trista and Jessica’s wedding day details.

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Rivervale, NJ

May 10, 2009

Katie Oleske got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend Kris Minogue planned a proposal and the wedding of her dreams, all behind her back.

Katie and Kris, who met at the Jersey Shore several years ago, tied the knot at Florentine Gardens in Rivervale, New Jersey on May 10, 2009.

Katie always knew her dream wedding would have lots of pink and look like a cross between Jessica Simpson and Trista Sutter’s Wedding. With the help of the show “Whose Wedding Is It Anyways?,” all of her dreams came true.

“Kris had the help of the producers and wedding planner Julie Conley in creating the proposal and wedding,” Katie says. “He worked with my family and the show, and in five weeks they planned the most elaborate event of my life. It was all a surprise!”

To help keep the goal of the show a secret, the producers told Katie she would be competing in a show to win a free wedding.

“When issues such as what dress or colors came up, they were easily able to talk to me about it,” Katie says.

First and foremost, Minogue knew she wanted her wedding dress to look like the straplesss lace Vera Wang dress worn by Jessica Simpson.

“My dress was a custom made Amalia Carrara that was shipped in the night before the wedding,” Katie says. “I found this dress months ago and decided I loved it. Not only did it look identical to Jessica Simpson’s, but it was better because it was pink! Yup, the dress was pink with a white lace overlay.”

On the big day, Katie worked with John Anthony Salon and Mac Cosmetics to recreate Simpson’s wedding day beauty as well.

“I loved Jessica’s makeup, dress and hair,” Katie says. “I had it copied exactly.”

For the ceremony and reception décor, Katie wanted everything pink just like former “Bachelorette” Trista Sutter. Warren Country Events used pink roses with Swarovski crystals to achieve the look.

“Trista loves pink, and so do I,” Katie says. “It was an easy choice. She had pink lighting, decor, flowers and candles. I tried to copy her as best as possible when it came to showing pictures and describing my dream wedding.”

At the end of the day, Katie got everything she was hoping for.

“I wanted my look to be Jessica Simpson and my wedding to be like Trista Sutter’s,” she says. “My husband did a great job with the help of my family.”

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