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Ivanka Trump Gives Wedding Day Advice

Ivanka Trump shared her best wedding day advice on “The Regis and Kelly Show.” Trump says to be in the moment and enjoy every minute of it because it goes so fast.

Ivanka Trump

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Ivanka Trump, who married Jared Kushner last October, was on “The Regis and Kelly Show” yesterday talking about her wedding. When asked if the day went too fast, Trump shared some of her best advice.

“It certainly flew, but I got some great advice prior to the actual wedding which I really took to heart and spent a lot of time thinking about,” she said. “It was to be in the moment as much as you can, and try to enjoy it for exactly the reason you just said; it flies.”

Another friend suggested she hold her husband’s hand throughout the day and try not to get separated from one another.

“I think that was great advice because you can turn around and 45 minutes goes by – a quarter of the wedding – and you haven’t seen each other.”

Ivanka’s wedding was voted by Celebrity Bride Guide readers as the Best Overall Wedding of 2009. Stay tuned for our Best of 2010 coming soon.

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