Jenna Fischer: Why I Don’t Wear My Engagement Ring


“The Office” star Jenna Fischer says she doesn’t always wear an engagement ring to work. Fischer is engaged to Lee Kirk but leaves her ring at home so it doesn’t get stolen from her trailer.

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Jenna Fischer is engaged to Lee Kirk, but “The Office” star says she doesn’t always wear her engagement ring.

“I do not wear any jewelry to work, including my engagement ring,” Fischer says on her MySpace page. “I would have to take it off and leave it in my trailer which I would never do. So, if I go someplace after work I could be “spotted” without my ring. It means nothing.”

The actress says the engagement ring she does wear on set belongs to her character, Pam Beesley, who will tie the knot with Jim Halpert during the upcoming season.

“The plan is for Pam and Jim to get married in the fourth episode,” Fischer tells TVGuideMagazine.com. “It’s going to be a destination wedding, probably in Niagara Falls. By making it a destination wedding, the hope is that nobody from the office will come.”

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