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Jenna Fischer got engaged to Lee Kirk in Paris. Kirk proposed with an antique ring the couple picked out together at a store in New York.

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Jenna Fischer got engaged to Lee Kirk earlier this summer in Paris, but the actress says it was an email from her dad that tipped her off the proposal was coming.

“Let me say I wasn’t 100% sure it was going to happen because I knew he wanted to talk to my dad first,” Fischer said on the Jay Leno Show on October 2. “I get an email when I arrive in Paris from my dad saying ‘How’s Paris? What are you doing?’ He hadn’t written me in three weeks and didn’t care about London but all of a sudden he cares about Paris. ‘What are you doing tonight? I bet it’s a very SPECIAL evening’ he writes in all caps.”

Later that night, Kirk proposed with an antique ring the couple had picked out together in New York.

“We went shopping and we chose an antique ring store,” Fischer explained. “What we realized quickly was with antique rings there’s only one of them. So if you like it, that’s the one. So I said ‘I’m going to go make a phone call outside and you stay here and do whatever it is you’re going to do.'”

Kirk bought the ring and carried it around for three weeks before proposing. The couple have not announced their wedding plans.

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