Jenna Fischer Obsesses Over Wedding Invitations


Jenna Fischer says she turned into a crazy person while picking out wedding invitations. “The Office” actress says she spent three hours looking through books and obsessing over paper quality.

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Jenna Fischer says she turned into a “crazy person” while picking out wedding invitations for her upcoming wedding to Lee Kirk.

“Three hours I sat there with the all the books,” she tells Bonnie Hunt on Thursday’s show. “My fiancé was like, ‘What about the slap it on the piece of paper with crayon and send it out?’ But now I’m pouring over the paper quality!”

Fischer says hoped to be more laid back when making wedding choices.

“I thought I was going to be one of those easy-going brides,” she says. “I never really thought about it. Whatever … a piece of paper, words – send it out.”

In the end, Jenna says she hopes her wedding guests will appreciate the final product.

“Don’t just throw it on the counter! Touch it, feel it, love it!”

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