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‘Blossom’ Star Jenna Von Oy Gets Married


“Blossom” actress Jenna von Oy married Brad Bratcher at a bed and breakfast in Newton, Connecticut. Actors Dule Hill and Kal Penn were among the 83 guests at the wedding.

Jenna von Oy

“Blossom” actress Jenna von Oy married her boyfriend of two years, Brad Bractcher, on October 10 at a bed and breakfast in  Newton, Connecticut.

According to, the wedding took place on the lawn in front of 83 guests including actors Dule Hill and Kal Penn.

Following the vows, the couple shared their first dance to “Marry Me” by Train and enjoyed a peanut butter and chocolate wedding cake made by the groom’s sister.

“We knew it would be a wonderful day,” von Oy says. “But it was a blast – more fun than we ever expected!”

Von Oy and Bratcher met at a wine bar in Nashville. They got engaged on New Year’s Eve.

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