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Jennifer Cohen’s Blog: How I Got Smurfed – I Mean, Engaged


“Shedding for the Wedding” fitness trainer Jennifer Cohen shares her proposal story and wedding plans.

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Fitness and health expert Jennifer Cohen is best known as the trainer from “Shedding for the Wedding.” While on the show, Jennifer helped contestants change their lives by teaching them how to incorporate real-life workouts into their daily routines.

She is also the CEO of NGR – No Gym Required, a fitness brand that creates wellness toning shoes worn by celebrities such as Courteney Cox and Jennifer Garner.

Cohen is newly engaged to Noah Flom and planning her wedding in exactly one month.

In her first blog, Jen tells us about Noah’s surprise proposal and why they can’t wait to get married. Plus, wait until you see her adorable proposal video.


I’ve helped so many clients get ready for their weddings. I’ve done it in Toronto, LA, and on national television on “Shedding for the Wedding.” Now that I’m getting married, I have to do it for myself, and I have one month.

With our busy schedules if we don’t get married before Thanksgiving, we will have to wait until April!  Once you meet the right partner – why wait?!  So Noah and I are jumping in with both feet and gettng married in less than a month!  We both like to follow the path less travelled – and we just want to share our special day surrounded by our closest friends and family.  We decided to keep it simple but with a lot of energy – similar to our personalities. Everyone has their own opinion of how a wedding should be, but, in the end, your wedding should be exactly the way you and your fiance want it to be.

With less than a month to prep and considering my profession, I want to be in the best shape of my life for my big day.  Everyone’s eyes will be on me. So I’ll be talking about my month-long super prep throughout this blog, but first I want to show you how it all started.

Our pet nickname for each other has always been “Smurf” – it’s been our schtick for years. So when we went to go see “The Smurfs” movie at The Grove, instead of a night out with the boyfriend and Mom, I got a surprise Smurf proposal, complete with singing blue children and a giant Smurf ring – who could say no that?!

The best part: it’s all on tape. I’ve never said OMG so many times in my life.

Jennifer Cohen

Jen can be found online on Twitter @jencohenngr or Facebook.

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