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Jennifer Cohen’s Blog: My Wedding Day


Celebrity fitness trainer Jennifer Cohen blogs about her wedding day and how a rain storm and change of venue made the day more special.

Ready to go down the aisle, wearing the first wedding dress I ever tried on.

Jennifer Cohen is best known as the fitness trainer on “Shedding for the Wedding” and the CEO of NGR – No Gym Required, a fitness brand that creates wellness toning shoes worn by celebrities.

Jennifer and her fiance, Noah Flom, got engaged this summer, and planned their wedding in just a few weeks.

After shocking her body into wedding dress shape with short high intenisty workouts, Jennifer picked the first gown she tried on and was well on her way to walking down the aisle.

In her latest blog, Jen tells us all about the big day, how a rain storm couldn’t dampen her spirits, and the fun wedding surprises that kept everyone entertained all night long.

If rain on your wedding day is good luck, then I should buy a lotto ticket because we had torrential downpours on my wedding day. I don’t think Southern California has had a storm like this in YEARS! Flooded highways, 40 mph winds and 1.5 inches of rain; some people could physically not get to the wedding and had to cancel.

Our ceremony was supposed to be outside, with a gorgeous view of the mountains on a golf course. Instead, we had to move to a room the size of a closet (with fluorescent lights to boot!) Thankfully, the energy and enthusiasm from my now-husband, Noah, saved the day.

To my surprise, Noah and the rest of the bridal party DANCED down the aisle to a swing version of “Fly Me To the Moon.” All I heard was everyone clapping and laughing, and I had no clue what was going on until I made my way to the door for my big arrival. It was hilarious!! Definitely not typical, but considering the man I was about to marry, I should have expected something absolutely amazing.

The reception was even more surprising. One of Noah’s best friends made a costume room in the Country Club and arranged crazy costumes for everyone in the bridal party to wear through the night for “entertainment.” Again, I had zero clue on this one Noah had no idea either. It was fun, silly, and very memorable to say the least. I guess that’s just what I wanted. :)

Jennifer Cohen Wedding Hair

Me and Angelica with perfect hair

This day really was beautiful thanks to several wonderful people. My girl Kerri Kasem did a kick ass job on my makeup -she’s usually on the other side of the camera as a TV host, a daily talk radio personality with Nikki Sixx. She’s a very talented lady who puts 1000% into everything she does, and I am so thankful for it. Did I mention she sings, too?? Girl can do it all. If she decides to quit her day jobs, she could make it as a makeup artist.

Angelica from Giuseppe Franco salon has been my rockstar hair stylist for years and never disappoints. If it wasn’t for her, I’d be running around LA and down the aisle with tw0-inch roots.

I mentioned before about how dessert is my favorite part of the wedding, and Design Cakes & Cupcakes did not disappoint. Their Smurfs assortment fit our theme perfectly. They gave us three different kinds of cupcakes, and a smaller cake to cut. To top it all off, they were out-of-this-world delicious. Check them out at www.designcakesandcupcakes.

Jennifer Cohen Cupcakes

Chocolate and pumpkin cupcakes, with just a touch of pink and a helping of Smurf.

My wedding definitely didn’t start out as a fantasy, but it became something truly special. Now, I get to go on my dream honeymoon; a three-week safari trip with stops in Kenya and South Africa.

When I get back I’ll tell you how I was able to keep up my workout routine 10,000 miles away from LA!

Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen can be followed online on Facebook and Twitter @jencohenngr.

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