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Jennifer Cohen’s Blog: How to Get Wedding Fit in Weeks


“Shedding for the Wedding” fitness trainer Jennifer Cohen blogs about getting in shape for her own wedding in just three weeks.

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Jennifer Cohen, best known as the fitness trainer on “Shedding for the Wedding,” has just over three weeks to go until her wedding day.

Jen got engaged to Noah Flom over the summer (check out the adorable proposal video), and decided when you meet the right partner, why wait to plan the wedding?

In her latest blog, Jen tells us about the short high intensity workouts she is doing to shock her body and get in wedding dress shape quickly. Even fitness trainers have areas they want to work on!

With three and a half weeks to go until my wedding, I have a venue, bits of a menu chosen, and absolutely nothing else!! UGH

I still have to find a cake and a dress, AND look good in it. (Note how I said cake before dress. You can see where my priorities are.

You can’t be at your fighting weight every day of the year, and even I have areas I want to focus on and improve for my wedding day. It just goes to show that EVERYONE has some kind of body insecurity – even trainers! I’m going to have my Polar heart rate monitor glued to my body to make every minute count until d-day.

So to get started, I woke up this morning and swapped my regular coffee for a Muscle Milk Light (Cafe Latte flavor). Muscle Milk has a ton of protein, only 160 calories and no sugar to start my day off right.

Next, my workout!- A 25-minute high intensity workout to shock my body. High intensity workouts are also great time savers – when you work in your target heart rate, your body is going as efficiently as possible. It takes less time because you’re not wasting any time!

Try this four-minute high intensity workout; I guarantee you’ll burn a ton of calories and get your heart pumping.

Moves like that for 25-minutes had my target heart rate going through the roof! How do I know? I use my Polar- I can check my heart rate during my workout. I can tell if I need to ramp it up or even out my pace. It also tells me how many calories I’m burning.

I’m going to wear the heart rate monitor all day every day for the next three weeks, no breaks.

I’m down to the wire here, I need all the help I can get. When I DO get around to finding the dress, I’m going to look damn good in it!

Jennifer Cohen

Jen can be found online on Twitter @jencohenngr or Facebook.

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