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Jennifer Cohen’s Blog: Tackling Two of My Biggest Wedding Stressors


Celebrity fitness trainer Jennifer Cohen blogs about choosing a wedding dress on sale and finding a great florist in her neighborhood.

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“Shedding for the Wedding” fitness trainer Jennifer Cohen is engaged to Noah Flom and only a few weeks away from their November wedding date.

With the countdown on until the big day, Jen blogs about her laid back approach to shopping for a wedding dress (it was the first dress she tried on), and finding her wedding florist where she least expected it.

For a girl who lives in her sweats and rarely gets dressed up, Jen tells us how she crossed two big wedding stresses off her to-do list.



Ok, back to business: This week, I tackled the flowers and dress issue. (Yes, I know! Only two weeks away …)

Flowers are NOT my forte. Anything girly or foofy is definitely not my thing. So I started out at what some people told me are the “BEST” flower shops in LA….not only were those places cookie cutter in style, but they also gave me an estimate of 50% MORE than the budget I had given them!! It was like JayZ says…”on to the next one.”

By total chance, I stumbled on this lovely place two blocks from my house that had the most magnificent arrangements in their window. It’s called Blossom Floral, and they were beyond helpful and professional, not to mention adorable.

It’s owned by the sweetest couple and not only did they stay within the budget I gave them, but they were able to make something totally unique and creative! – they even have a touch of blue to represent my smurf proposal! Check them out at  www.blossomfloral.net.

Next on my girly to-do list: the dress. I live my life in sweats and spandex, what do I know (or really care) about dresses? Let’s just say, I’m hardly Rachel Zoe..

But you can’t get married in yoga pants, so I marched into the first store I could think of, and ended up buying the FIRST dress I tried on. It was even on sale for $349. Not bad huh??

Dress: done and done. My family and friends NEVER see me in a dress – so any dress will look like a couture masterpiece to them.

This week, I tacked two of my biggest wedding stresses, AND stayed on budget.

Next week I get to focus on my favorite part of planning this wedding – the dessert!!

Jennifer Cohen

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