Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Engagement Ring Picked Out


Jennifer Love Hewitt is not engaged but she has already shopped for an engagement ring. The actress has picked out three diamond rings to make it easier for her future husband to pick something she likes.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t engaged yet, but that hasn’t stopped her from shopping for an engagement ring.

“I actually have three [rings picked out] because I feel like I’m doing the guy a favor,” Hewitt says on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday. “I feel women are very confusing. We never know what we want and we’re not very good at nailing that down for them.”

The actress, who has been dating Alex Beh for seven months, says she would like her future husband to have options when picking a ring.

“I feel like I don’t want to be upset if he picks a bad ring, so I feel like having three picked out and saying, ‘Look! Look at this plethora of things you can choose from!'”

Hewitt was previously engaged to Ross McCall. He proposed with his grandmother’s antique diamond.

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