Exclusive: ‘Project Runway’ Designer Jesse LeNoir Creates Bridesmaid Dresses For Wedding


“Project Runway” designer Jesse LeNoir created the bridesmaid dresses at his Orlando wedding to Brittany Berkowitz. LeNoir is currently meeting with designers about collaborating on a bridal collection.

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Jesse LeNoir, who recently competed on “Project Runway Season 7,” designed one-of-a-kind bridesmaid dresses for his March 13, 2010 wedding to Brittany Berkowitz. From the floral arrangements to the reception decor, Jesse’s dress design set the tone and created a theme for the entire day. Read our exclusive interview with Jesse below and see his gorgeous wedding photos courtesy of Lori Barbely Photography.

How did you decide to design the bridesmaid dresses for your wedding?

I chose not to make the wedding dress because I didn’t want to see it in advance or see something I had made while we were standing at the altar. I knew I wanted to design the bridesmaid dresses and make something for each girl that would complement their body type and personal style. After we picked our wedding and reception venues, I started sketching and came up with a cute A-line skirt on the bottom with a fitted tight bodice. I did a few different designs for each girl but over time we decided we liked the pencil dress design a little bit more and thought it was unique.

Did you collaborate with Brittany on the designs?

We definitely worked together. I was sketching and she was giving imput. We didn’t want the dresses to be too informal. The ceremony was during the day so we didn’t want evening gowns. We worked as a team to specify and land on exactly what we wanted.

Most bridesmaid dresses come in a solid color. How did you decide to go with a print?

I definitely was leaning toward a print early on. I was inspired by our two wedding venues and thought print is something you don’t see that often. I hate the typical bridesmaid dresses and the negative kind of feeling that goes with them. You think drab, basic design, and it isn’t very exciting. I wanted something different.

Once you came up with the dress design, how did that set the tone for the rest of the wedding?

We didn’t know what our theme was or what our wedding colors would be. I went out to Hong Kong to visit and we found the fabric we liked. Once we found that spring floral print, it inspired the direction for the wedding and we could specify to our vendors what we wanted. We ended up with a predominantly white palette with light blue, green, pink and purple.  The theme ended up being like a white canvas with a floral painting inspired by the colors in the dresses.

Are the dresses something the girls will be able to wear again?

My little sister has already worn hers a couple of times. The hem line was a little long so I’ve had a couple requests to shorten them.

Would you consider doing a bridesmaid dress line in the future?

It’s actually something that interests me. I feel like I have a lot of insight and it’s something that I’ve had a good experience with. I’m hoping to team up with someone and collaborate and design. Women want their bridesmaids to look nice and be fashion forward. A lot of times they’re stuck deciding between the lesser of two evils. I’m currently working on my own line of accessories and speaking to a few people about doing a bridesmaid dress collection.

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