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Have you always wanted to know what to look for when buying an engagement ring? How to clean your bridal jewelry? Or what the best type of material is for a wedding band?

Celebrity stylist and jewelry expert Michael O’Connor is here to answer bridal jewelry questions from you, our readers. Now is the chance to ask burning questions related to engagement rings, wedding bands and wedding day jewelry.

O’Connor as been involved in the luxury, jewelry and fashion industries in a career that spans over 25 years.  Starting originally as a jewelry designer and forecasting upcoming trends, he has worked with some of the most recognized brands and helped develop the most followed trends in the world

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  • I understand that all: color, clarity and cut are important, but most of us are not able to get a perfect stone. What characteristic of the stone would you recommend to ‘stick to your guns’ with and which one would you recommend to be more relaxed about?

  • Do the majority of the mainstream jewelry stores in Canada and the U.S.A sell white gold made with nickel? Do you find custom jewellers tend to stay away from that? I know Europe has banned the use of white gold with nickel, because it causes allergic reactions, but why hasn’t North America done the same?

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