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WWE Star John Cena Marries High School Sweetheart


John Cena married his high school sweetheart Liz Huberdeau in Boston on July 11. Cena’s father John Cena Sr. officiated the vows.


WWE Daily

WWE star John Cena married his high school sweetheart Liz Huberdeau in their hometown of Boston on Saturday.

Cena’s father John Cena Sr. officiated the vows.

According to WWE Daily, Cena was spotted in a Boston courtroom on Friday signing a marriage license with his bride-to-be.

Cena confirmed the July wedding date earlier this year saying it was “coming up quickly.” The couple had been engaged since 2007.

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  • i am very happy for john cena and i hope they are very happy together. thy got mrried on july 11 of this year i got mariedjuly 12 of 2003. and i am very have avery happy life together.

  • John, Congradulations on your new marriage to your High School Sweetheart, Liz. I wish you both the very best Life will offer.

    Sincerely, a Huge Fan,

    deb pokora

  • BTW, congratulations John and Liz. The magic is obvious and I am so happy for you two. Looking forward to the baby pictures. I’m sure your children will be very blessed.
    Wishing you all of the best.

  • i wish john was not married but i hope ur happy in ur life. you r the only reason i watch raw every monday night my son and i watch. take care of yourself and don’t get hurt and keep doing what you r doing. i have a major crush on u and would love to meet u just one time but i know your wife would’nt like that much i just want one picture with u and me and my son also. i love your movies and the books i’ve read. i went to one match but u were’nt there i was so upset maybe i’ll get to go to another one and hopefully u will be there. all the love in the world to both of u. love kristy from alabama.

  • hey john cena i love u u r my favorite and i wish u da best and i hope u r very happy i love u i wish i could c u one day in person.


  • hi Im from Jordan & i love John Cene so much & I watch all his matches
    I encourage him always
    You is sweetest than your bride and I very sad
    I love you John

  • i watch you all the way in Obama land that is Kenya.wish u could fly me to the states for vacations.Any way wishing all the best in your marriage.luv Hilda Amagove.

  • Actually, when I saw the picture I was so shocked, because I’m not aware that John Cena had already got married, I’m one of his very big fan and for this reason I should be happy for him specially that on some of his picture with his wife, his obviously happy inlove, It’s revealed by his lovely eyes.. I admit I have a big crush on him, well I guess because no woman will refuse to admire him inside and out specially for being such a humble starting from the he dress up. Now that his already a husband his priority will go between his carrier and future family and I know that John can manage it both cause his the man, I just hope that his wife will trully support, guide and love him what ever happen along the way..=)
    John Cena, Best Wishes and Godbless!!

  • i love u so much john…… very depressed bcoz u gonna becoma a property of sumone……any way wish u al success in ur life dear john……all the best…..may god be with u always…….

  • what the crap jhon i hope you no your gonna loose alot of fans if you get married to the skunk of a witch i mean your so cute and your gonna settle for somthing like that .i hope you no you just lost one of your fans even if you did go to movies nobodys gonna watch them because you suck for marrying that hag … and even if you stell got stayed in restling they would loose ratings because you SUCH FOR MARRYING THAT B *******

  • I Love you John Cena so much. My kids watch wrestling specially raw i watch it just to see your cutie face and strong body. WELL all your wife’s respect. You are an awesome wrestler. My kids have so many posters about you. You are very talented.

  • OMG, so jelous right now. im such a massive fan and i would do anything just to meet him and say hi 😀 omg you’re so so so so so fit mr john cena if you ever read this, i have your posters and pictures plastered all over my room, i know every single word to everyone of your songs, i’m always watching raw, smackdown, burn, ecw, everthing, just to see you and your hot body. you’re so talented in the ring and i will always be your no.1 fan 😀 good luck with your wife and fanily and everything 😀 i will always be thinking of you. again so so so so so fit 😀 ILOVEYOU JOHNCENA<3 <3 <3 <3
    p.s i reeaaaaaaaally wanna meet you 😀 i would passout if i ever got within like 100 metres of you 😀 loves <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • First of all,Cena doesn’t need a wife, all he needs is me. I love you john , but im mad at you for marrying that wanna be jenifer lopez hag lookin, ugly, gross, liz witch. I’m still a fan, but i wish you would have thought that plan all the way through before going through with it. LOVE YA JOHN ” SEXY” CENA

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