Jon Bon Jovi Celebrates 20 Years of Marriage


Jon Bon Jovi is celebrating 20 years of marriage with his wife Dorothea. The couple were married at Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas in 1989. Jon says his wife is the best investment he ever made.

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley are celebrating 20 years of marriage today. The couple were married on April 29, 1989 at Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas.

As for what has made their marriage last so long, Jon jokes, “Let’s get that right here, right now. I’m afraid of my wife.”

The couple, who have four children together, have been dating since high school.

“Best investment I ever made,” Jon says. “Trust me she is the best. I am very happy.”

Jon returned to Las Vegas over the weekend for a concert at The Joint with Bon Jovi.

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  • I am proud to both of you. I used to imagine Jon in my high school days that were were dating or just a date, you know, together with my mates and until now, I still had that crush over him. It’s even more touching to hear you say that Jon, being afraid means you are afraid of loosing her… and that was the most touching words I have ever read on limelight…. I hope to have a glimpse of you and Dorothy with the whole family, one time. I hope that time will come. If not, My best best wishes….

  • Hi can imagine how nice and how much patients she much have to have 4 kids and also to be without a husband for long periods of time.

  • I am a mom of 21 and 23 yr old guitar player, piano composer, pianist, and all around responsible, wonderful young men. The 23 yr. old has played your music on his electric guitar and i love it.

    I want to say how proud i am of these guys and your group. You are truly young men to be proud of in sooo many ways.

    I’m going to be married for 27 yrs and it’s been tough many times to make it through the arguments but we have and we’re glad we did. I was always leaving because that’s what i saw in my mom’s life. We all can keep on keeping on. Undo the past and do better than our parents. Many blessings to all who read this in their marriages. It’s a rough road but it can happen. Look at Bon Jovi and his bride!

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