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Jordin Sparks Wants to Sing at Jonas Brother’s Wedding


Jordin Sparks would love to be the wedding singer at Kevin Jonas’s upcoming wedding. The singer performed at her Idol co-star Gina Glocksen’s wedding and would love to do it again.

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Jordin Sparks performed at “American Idol” contestant Gina Glocksen’s wedding earlier this year, and now she says she would love to sing at the upcoming wedding of Kevin Jonas. 

“Maybe I’ll be their wedding singer — who knows?” she tells MTV News. “That would be crazy.”

Sparks jokes that she would love to sing “Lovebug” but doesn’t know if she will have the opportunity.

“So, maybe I’ll get invited, and if I don’t, it’s OK.”

After opening for the Jonas Brothers this summer, Jordin says she got to know Kevin and his fiance Danielle Deleasa and that they are a great couple.

“I know that she comes in and she’ll be on the tour for a little while, and you can just really tell that they’re in love. And they’re so cute, so all the congratulations. I love you guys. You’re amazing.”

See photos of Jordin in her bridesmaid dress at Gina Glocksen’s wedding.

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