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Julia Roberts Teases David Letterman About Recent Wedding

Julia Roberts grilled David Letterman about his March 19 wedding to Regina Lasko on “The Late Show” June 9. Roberts asked Letterman if Lasko had taken his name and whether there was a wedding video.

Julia Roberts was on “The Late Show” Tuesday night, getting all the details from David Letterman about his March 19 wedding to Regina Lasko.

“I don’t know if I can look you in the eye anymore,” Roberts joked. “Last time I saw you, you were single and then I, like, hypnotized you in my white suit or something and you went off and married Regina.”

Roberts asked Letterman if there was a wedding video but Letterman said there were just photos adding that the service “was me, it was my son, it was Regina and the justice of the peace, and that was it.”

The audience laughed as Dave said, “I mean, it’s legal, that’s the most important thing, right?” Roberts agreed with Dave and said “you’re bound for eternity,” to which Letterman said, “That’s right, and never been more deeply in love.”

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