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Karina Smirnoff Planning Caribbean Wedding


Dancer Karina Smirnoff is planning a Caribbean wedding with baseball player Brad Penny. 75-100 guests will attend the destination wedding.

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“Dancing with the Stars” dancer Karina Smirnoff is planning a tropical Caribbean wedding with babseball player Brad Penny.

“I think we finally found our destination,” she tells “We love it. It’s gorgeous. We just have to finalize and make sure that’s it. It’s in the Caribbean.”

Although Smirnoff has a large family and initially thought she would have a big wedding, she is now expecting fewer guests because of the location.

“I think it’ll be smaller because it is destination and not everyone will be able to fly out, but it looks like, what a lot of people are saying, they are going to be there so now I think 75 to 100,” she says. “I’ve just started planning.”

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