Exclusive Interview: Country Music Artist Kate Coppola on her ‘Perfect’ Wedding Day


Kate Coppola of country music duo Kate and Kacey talks about her wedding day to Billy Leiva. Kate wore an Alvina Valenta wedding dress and said her vows in her parents’ backyard.

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Kate Coppola, one half of identical twin country duo Kate and Kacey, married her beau of eight years Billy Leiva on September 26, 2009 in Denver, Colorado.

In our exclusive interview, we talked to Kate about planning the wedding, finding her Alvina Valenta wedding dress and the sweet surprise her sisters Kara and Kacey pulled off for her at the reception.

How did Billy propose?

We met in Colorado at my parents house for the weekend. He was living in California for the summer working and I was living in Nashville working. We met over Fourth of July weekend just to hang out and see each other. One of the nights he got a room at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Denver. I thought we were celebrating his birthday because I had missed it, but it turned out we were celebrating something else entirely. He asked me in downtown Denver and it was perfect. I was completely shocked and had no idea.

How long did it take to plan the wedding?

I got engaged in July the year before my wedding so we were planning for 15 months. We couldn’t get married until the following summer because it was touring season for us. I had to wait until after touring season ended which is in September. It worked out perfectly because our last tour date was the weekend before the wedding.

You seem like a very laid back person. What kind of bride were you?

I definitely knew exactly what I wanted and had a lot to do with the planning, but I wasn’t really crazy about it. The wedding was in Denver but we live in Tennessee. I flew in for two weekends to kind of oversee things. My mom and dad were really helpful and helped me plan everything and talk to the vendors.

Kate Coppola Wedding

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How did you find your wedding dress?

About three years ago we went to look at wedding dresses for our older sister for her wedding. I wasn’t thinking about weddings or marriage or anything. We walked into a bridal store in Denver and I saw a dress on the mannequin in the front and it just stopped my heart it was so beautiful. I pulled out my camera and took a picture of it and didn’t think of it after that. When I got engaged and it was time to go looking at dresses, I thought maybe I should try to find that picture and call that bridal store and see if they still had it. So I did and they said they still had it. I pulled probably 20 different dresses but didn’t want to try that one on first because I was nervous. I tried on about 15 dresses and then finally that one was coming up and literally I walked out and everyone said, “That’s it!” Everyone started crying and we just knew that was the dress and it was perfect. It’s Alvina Valenta from Colorado Bridal Collection.

Where did you get your inspiration for the wedding?

I probably bought a salaries worth of bridal magazines. Because I’m a songwriter, you kind of get inspired by everything. Whether it was a dress in a movie or the colors of the trees outside, if I liked it, I would write it down or cut it out of a magazine and keep it all together in a binder. Once I see something I like, I don’t really change my mind. I see it and I know how I want it.

What color palette did you choose?

I’m drawn to more neutral colors. I knew the wedding would be outside in the backyard and I wanted everything to blend together. I’m never one that’s big on bright color combinations. I liked chocolate brown and purple. Everything was done in cream and ivory with a little bit of lavender. I love fresh lavender so that was kind of my one top color besides chocolate brown.

Kate Coppola Wedding

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Did you work with a wedding planner?

No. The wedding was in my parents backyard. It was really just me and my mom and dad and Billy. Our older sister got married two years ago so we used some of the vendors that she had used. We already knew them and trusted them. It all came together. My parents are pretty good.

Speaking of your older sister, your song “Good Life” was something you wrote for her wedding, right?

Yes, we did. We wrote that hoping it would get us out of giving a toast.

How did your sister return the favor?

I had two maid of honors at my wedding, Kacey and my older sister Kara.  They gave the best toast I’ve ever heard at the wedding. What they said was so beautiful and amazing. Kacey and I have sung at probably 100 family members weddings so I always joked that at my wedding I would make every person that I had sung at their wedding get up and sing in a choir. They actually did that. Kara and Kacey surprised everyone and got them all up at the front of the room and gave them lyrics sheets and they all sang “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin to Billy and me.

Did you write your own vows?

Billy and I did a combination of finding pre-written vows and writing our own. We found some amazing vows in books and online, so we worked on piecing them all together to make them perfect for us.

Did you have something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue?

I did have all of that. My dress was my something new. My mother gave me a wedding handkerchief to carry that she got at an old antique store for something old. I wore my older sister Kara’s wedding veil for my something borrowed, and then something underneath my dress was my something blue. Kacey gave it to me at my wedding shower, wink wink.

Kate Coppola Wedding

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What was the highlight of the wedding?

My hair was up in pincurls and I had my makeup on but I was still in pajamas. All of my bridesmaids were running around tying the name cards to the trees with ribbons. It was the one second I had to walk outside really quickly and see what was going on. For the first time I saw everything, the flowers, the candles, the tent and all of my ideas come together. I just burst into tears because it was exactly how I dreamed of it being. Also, when I walking down the aisle with my dad and I saw Billy for the first time he had a tear in his eye. We had been dating for eight years and we just love each other so much. It was an amazing moment to realize we were there and it was us, and it was going to be us from now on.

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