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Kate Hudson Shares Wedding Ideas With Modern Bride


Kate Hudson, who stars in the upcoming movie “Bride Wars” with Anne Hathaway, gives advice about wedding planning, including green weddings, bar placement and what kind of dress is best.

Kate Hudson, who stars in the upcoming movie “Bride Wars,” is the February/March cover girl for Modern Bride Magazine, along with costar Anne Hathaway. In the interview, Kate talks about her own wedding day and shares ideas for modern weddings and brides to be. Check out some of the interview highlights below.

What she thinks being a Modern Bride means:

She’s someone who would go against the grain of tradition. Maybe someone who would have her best friend marry her at the top of the Himalayas. When we were shooting the movie, Annie and I would get into looking at swatches and stuff. We had all these magazines on set, and I saw one that showed a green wedding, with everything made of twigs and things they found and recycled. That’s modern: a green wedding with no carbon footprint.

What she thinks a Modern Bride would wear:

For me, I was a young bride, and I wanted the princess gown. The big full skirt. I think any little girl dreams about her wedding day. I remember at one point when I was little seeing this bride all in lace –and it was beautiful. I thought if I ever got married, I would want to do something with lace, sort of old fashioned. When the day actually came it was all about the princess gown. Everyone’s different. Some would want to wear a two piece suit. I love that!

Shopping advice for brides picking their dress:

I feel like it should really be comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, it’s not going to be fun. It’s like in the movie. Emma’s mom says, “You need to love it. It’s not anybody else’s dress.” Don’t let anyone tell you what you should wear that day. Maybe a white virginal dress doesn’t work for you, and you want something sexy and tight. It should really represent you.

Favorite wedding moments:

My brother’s wedding was pretty great. Everybody was wearing white, and it was on the beach. There was this beautiful sort of chuppah, and the waves started to get closer and closer and closer. We were all just waiting for the water to wash out the wedding, but it didn’t! It was so beautiful.

Important things to keep in mind when planning a wedding:

Number one: Make sure you’re ready to get married, that you’re really sure you want to do this. And number two, I would say really good placement of the bar! At a wedding, you want to have a good time. Have special cocktails that are really fun for people.

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