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What Wedding Day Jewelry Will Kate Middleton Wear?


Celebrity jeweler Neil Lane talks about what type of wedding jewelry Kate Middleton may wear for the royal wedding. Lane expects to see diamonds and traditional pieces on the bride.

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Kate Middleton’s diamond and sapphire engagement ring is stunning on it’s own. So what type of jewelery will she pair it with on her wedding day? We spoke to celebrity jeweler Neil Lane who gave us his thoughts on what the bride might wear at the royal wedding.

Wedding Band: According to tradition, Prince William will present his bride with a wedding band created from Welsh gold from a special family reserve.  Lane says Middleton could opt for something different.

“With the oval ring shape, it is difficult to wear a wedding band,” he says. “Either she will wear it separately or a relatively simple, thin band might slip under the engagement ring.”

Wedding Day Jewelry: Expect lots of diamonds which Lane says are a perfect fit for the princess-to-be.

“There is no need to ‘mix and match’ as that would actually diminish the importance of the engagement ring,” he says. “It is a significant and historical ring, not a fashion item. Classical jewelry will go well with it.”

Tiara: Princess Diana’s wedding tiara had intricate swirls and flowers made of diamonds. Lane says Middleton may go for something more contemporary.

“She will probably wear a small diamond tiara, something historical but youthful. I believe she will bring something modern to the throne and also follow tradition.”

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