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Katie Holmes on Pre-Wedding Nerves


Katie Holmes says she was nervous on her wedding day to Tom Cruise. Holmes calmed herself down after realizing she wanted to enjoy the day and that it would be perfect.

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Katie Holmes talked about calming her nerves on her wedding day to Tom Cruise while promoting her new movie “The Romantics” at the Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday.

“When I got married I was of course nervous,” Holmes told reporters. “You want it to be perfect and in that moment it has to be. I didn’t want to not enjoy my own wedding, so I calmed myself down.”

Holmes, who grew up with several brothers and sisters in Ohio, said that she had lots of wedding experience prior to her big day.

“I’m from a very large family,” she said. “So during my childhood I would attend a wedding probably once a month. Weddings and funerals, that’s what I did as a kid.”

“The Romantics” is the story of seven friends who reunite for the wedding of their two friends. Problems arise when a long-standing rivalry over the groom emerges between the bride and maid of honor. Anna Paquin plays the bride and Holmes is her maid of honor.

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